Kubilius: Government ruined euro adoption

  • 2006-04-25
VILNIUS- Lithuania won't be able to adopt the euro early next year because the government failed to lobby its concerns in political capitals and handle inflation problems, according to parliamentary opposition leader, Conservative Andrius Kubilius.

"Euro matters are yet another task carried out by the government in a poor manner," he told a news conference on April 24. He said the issue signaled "yet another defeat."

All discussions of the issue centered with the EU commissioner in charge of monetary policy and executives of Europe's central bank. "This is not enough because the decision will not be made by the European Commission or the Central Bank of Europe, but EU prime ministers and finance ministers, and it was important to talk with them," Kubilius said.

Foreign Minister Antanas Valionis spent too much time visiting Southeast Asia when he should have been visiting EU capitals, he said. Finance Minister Zigmantas Balcytis had discussed euro adoption with finance ministers in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Finland, as well as the prime minister of Luxembourg, the ministry told BNS.

"Furthermore, Balcytis discussed the readiness to join the euro zone with finance ministers of most EU countries at the monthly ECOFIN meetings," the minister's adviser Ricardas Slapsys said.