Quirks of pan-Baltic trade

  • 2006-04-05
  • From wire reports
RIGA - Last year Latvia imported mainly cigarettes, chocolate and wheat from Lithuania, and non-alcoholic beverages, pork and alcoholic beverages from Estonia, according to data from the Agriculture and Market Promotion Center.

Though cigarette imports from Lithuania decreased by 20 percent last year, they were still the most imported good, comprising 12.7 million lats (18 million euros) in 2005. Chocolate imports remained at 7.3 million lats, while wheat deliveries almost doubled to 7.1 million lats.
Latvia also imported instant coffee, flour products, refined sugar, cheese and fish from Lithuania.
Latvia imported mainly non-alcoholic beverages from Estonia last year, the imports amounting to 5.8 million lats, which is almost two times more than in 2004. Imports of pork grew slightly to 4.3 million lats, while imports of alcoholic beverages increased by 13 percent to 4.2 million lats.
Latvia also imported sausages and canned meat, whole milk, beer, chocolate and soybean oil from Estonia last year.