Lietuva in brief - 2006-02-22

  • 2006-02-22
While meeting with Tallinn Mayor Juri Ratas, Vilnius Mayor Arturas Zuokas expressed support for the idea of introducing the concept of green capital of Europe. Ratas, who was on his first trip abroad as mayor, said Zuokas promised to promote the idea in every possible way. In Zuokas' opinion, it is the capital city of a country that deserves to be named cultural capital of Europe. "So Vilnius supports Tallinn's candidacy for the title of cultural capital of Europe 2011," Ratas said. Both Tallinn and Tartu are seeking to become cultural capital of Europe in 2011.

Lithuanian communities living in Europe and North America may be able to watch a special satellite channel in the near future. Kestutis Petrauskis, head of the national radio and television, was quoted as saying that the project, which would cost several million litas per year, was in the state's hands. Petrauskis said that groundwork for the exile channel would be laid this year. In his words, the local channel of the Lithuanian community in Chicago had approached the national broadcaster with a request for help in creating a Lithuanian-language channel that would cover the entire United States. Lithuanian Television is providing Chicago with a part of its broadcasts, transmitted by satellite to London and proceeding to the United States by cable from there. "Now they have a plan to broadcast a 2-hour original program in America. But cable network companies demand round-the-clock broadcasts. There is the financing issue of the project, which would require about 2.5 million litas (720,000 euros)," said Petrauskis.

Customs officials have discovered a man hidden under luggage in the trunk of a car bound for Lithuania, local authorities said. According to the statement, the man with no personal identification documents was found in a car at the Lazdijai checkpoint on the Polish-Lithuanian border on Feb. 19. The illegal immigrant and the car's driver, a 24-year-old Lithuanian citizen, were taken into custody in Lazdijai for 48 hours. A pre-trial investigation has been opened into the attempt to smuggle a person into Lithuania.