Runaway pig creates havoc on Lithuanian-Russian border

  • 2000-04-13
VILNIUS (BNS) - A pig broke away from a pigsty in Lithuania, swam across a river along the border between Lithuania and the Russian Kaliningrad region, and caused turmoil at border check-points of the two countries.

The 120-kilogram runaway pig fearlessly rushed into the water and rapidly got over to the other shore of the Sesupe River, about 40 meters wide and four meters deep at the location, Lithuanian dailies reported April 6.

The "border violation" occurred at the Panoviai village in the Sakiai district in southern Lithuania.

Owners of the animal wanted Lithuanian border guards to act as middlemen in the conflict and ask for permission to cross the river and take their pig back; however, Russian border guards refused to permit the Lithuanian farmers to enter the country.

Russian border guards tried to drive the pig back to Lithuania themselves but only drove the animal into a rage.

According to the papers, Russian border officials wanted to shoot the pig but did not have permission from their superiors.

Finally, the owners of the animal were allowed to row across the Sesupe. With assistance from Lithuanian and Russian border guards, the runaway pig was caught and tied up. A total of seven people participated in the rescue operation.

The owners of the animal said that they are not planning to slaughter the now famous pig in the near future.