Business calendar

  • 2005-09-21

ICFP 2005. Tenth international conference on functional programming. Tallinn. Sept 26 - 28.

Management 2005. Annual international conference. Parnu, Estonia. Oct 6 - 7.

Nordsec 2005. Tenth Nordic conference and workshop on secure IT - systems. Tartu. Oct 20 - 21.

Beauty World 2005. Ninth international trade fair for cosmetics, hairdressing, fitness and fashion. Tallinn. Oct 21 - 23.


WaterfrontExpo Riga 2005. International conference and exhibition on waterfront design and regeneration, marina development, real estate development, construction and facilities management. Riga Congress Center. Sept 27 - 29.

New City in the Old Walls: Housing Construction. International conference. Radisson SAS Daugava Hotel, Riga. Oct 21.

Banking and Finance in the Baltics. International conference on development of economies of Baltic countries in the new conditions of European Union, opportunities and risks for banks and their clients, development of banking services. Reval Hotel Latvia, Riga. Oct 24 - 25.

Baltics Trade and Export Finance Forum. International forum on financial solutions, insurance products, port infrastructure, trade services innovation, EU grants and funding. Reval Hotel Latvia, Riga. Oct 27.


City 2005. International exhibition and conference on city infrastructure, real estate, investments, municipal management and economy. Lithuanian Exhibition Center LITEXPO, Vilnius. Oct 6 - 8.

Transport Means 2005. Ninth international conference on automotive transport, aviation, defense technologies, railway and water transport. Kaunas. Oct 20 - 21.

INFOBALT 2005. Annual international exhibition and conference on information society technologies. Vilnius. Oct 27 - 29.

Nordic Mobile Media Conference. Second international conference and exhibition on mobile operators, media companies, investment banks and hardware providers. Reval Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius. Nov 3-4.


Baltic Development Forum 2005. International forum on competitiveness and innovation, new Lisbon Strategy, Northwest Russia and Baltic Sea initiative 2010. City Conference Center, Stockholm. Oct 16-18.