More bombs still

  • 2005-09-21
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - Police officers found a number of powerful bombs in the town of Loksa on the northern coast on Sept. 20. Two men believed to be connected with the lethal devices were detained in a bar. The policemen, who went to check a tip about the illegal sale of alcohol in the bar, found powerful explosive devices, firearms and ammunition on the premises.

"In the course of the raid a bag with a gun-like object in it was discovered. During further search policemen found different weapons, silencers, explosives, ammunition and hand grenades," said Priit Parkna, chief superintendent of the northern district's service for investigating offenses against the person.

In his words, the illegal weapons and explosives found in the bar posed a threat to local residents as well as the offenders themselves.

"This is a very serious incident," Parkna emphasized.

The Rescue Board's explosives specialists were called to the scene and the security police started a pre-trial investigation.

The prosecutor in charge of the criminal proceeding, Ave Eisel, said officers detained two men on the spot, and security police officials have begun to question them.

According to Parkna, both detainees had been under police scrutiny before. "They are local residents one of whom has a criminal record," he said.