Three Latvians stabbed in U.K.

  • 2004-12-01
  • By The Baltic Times
RIGA - Three Latvian nationals were seriously stabbed in the England on Friday in what could be another ethnic hate attack in the country, the news media reported.

A 38 year old Latvian national was taken to a hospital in critical condition with serious stab wounds to the head and body, while another man and woman injured in the attack were hospitalized but were not in serious condition, the Latvian daily Diena reported on Monday. Both had been cut, stabbed and beaten on the face stomach and back but have been able to help the police with inquiries.

The attack took place in Salford near Manchester. Police there said that just before midnight on Friday they had been called to an address, where a large group of 20 youths suddenly dispersed upon the police's arrival, leaving behind the three attacked individuals.

Latvia's consul in the U.K., Uldis Mikuts, told the paper he had no information on the matter by Sunday afternoon.

This is the second such attack in the U.K. in recent weeks. Less than a month ago three Latvians were attacked by a gang in Northern Ireland.

"This goes to show that xenophobia and hatred in Europe is, possibly, much more widespread than we may think," said Foreign Minister Arts Pabriks.

Pabriks said that the incidents, which have befallen Latvians working abroad, may have occurred not only due to ethnic differences but also because of the movement of labor forces within Europe has increased tension. It is possible that some Europeans feel socially, economically and culturally threatened, said the minister.

"Problems like this will increase in future, and we must take this into account and it deal with it on the national and EU level," said Pabriks.