Lithuanians love mattress moola

  • 2004-12-01
  • Baltics News Service
VILNIUS - More than one-third of the Lithuanian population makes enough money to set some aside for savings, but almost half of them keep "extra" money "under mattresses," a new poll has found.

Some 34.4 percent of those polled said they had some money left for saving, while 65.3 percent said their incomes were too low to save.

The market research group RAIT conducted the poll on Nov. 4 - 7.

Some 50.5 percent of the respondents with enough money to save said they preferred to deposit their "free" money in a bank, and 45.8 percent said they were keeping it at home. Some 2.4 percent of them invest their "free" cash in shares and government bonds.

The largest percentage of people earning enough to save some money is in the age groups of 20-29 (44.3 percent) and 30-39 (42.9 percent), while the smallest percentage is among people aged 70-74 (21.7 percent).