US deputy Foreign Min Elizabeth Jones in Estonia

  • 2004-11-10
TALLINN - A high U.S. foreign affairs official visited Estonia this week to discuss the Middle East, the elections in Ukraine and the OSCE matters.

US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Elizabeth Jones, who visited Estonia on Nov.9, along with her Estonian counterpart Kristiina Ojuland stated that the EU and the U.S.A. should further focus on the development of transatlantic relations and leave aside the discords.

Jones thanked Estonia for its contribution to the peacekeeping operation in Iraq and expressed her hope that Estonian government will decide to carry on with the mission.

Jones and Ojuland said they hope the general elections in Iraq will most probably be carried out in January 2005 in accordance with the previously approved plan.

The two officials discussed the presidential election in Ukraine. Ojuland said that the Ukrainian elections' compliance with democratic standards will give a signal to the EU and the U.S.A. on how to further interact with Ukraine.

"It [the elections] could provide an opportunity for closer cooperation and integration with the West on the political and economical level," Ojuland was quoted by the ministry's press service as saying.

Shortly before meeting Estonia's Population Affairs Minister Paul-Eerik Rummo, Jones gave a positive mark to the work on the national minorities' integration and said that she "did not have any direct recommendations" in this respect.

Jones also marked Estonia's efficient contribution to the development of democratic society in Georgia.