• 2004-10-27
I am a regular reader of The Baltic Times, and I am quite taken aback by the idea that these two cities [Tallinn and Helsinki] would talk of combining. I cannot believe that the people of Estonia would ever allow their country to endure a government of others, even though it would be a shared government. Estonia and all of its good people were ruled so long by Russia that I cannot believe they desire to be controlled from another perceived foreign government.

I believe that Estonia needs to be left alone to grow as an independent country. I do not believe that Estonia and the other two Baltic states should have wanted to join the EU; if anything, a strong union of Baltic states would be better than the EU.

Although I have never been to Estonia I am a strong believer of Estonia and an avid reader of Estonia - even to the point that I may someday come to Estonia and perhaps retire there if I like what I see. Please give Estonia, and Tallinn, the opportunity to be independent and to progress as a free and independent state.

Larry Freeman

Alabama, U.S.A.


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