Misguided MP

  • 2004-10-27
Mr.Zuroff! If you wish to put your nose into Latvian internal affairs, I would like to advise you to be smarter. It is bad manners to talk positive about Karlis Streips here in Latvia. You are supporting deadly sin by praising and giving countenance to the scandalous Karlis Streips.

Neither the Latvian National Front (Chairman Aivars Garda) nor Liene Apine (vice chair and new secretary of Parliament's foreign affairs committee) have ever been anti-Semites. On the contrary, you, Mr. Zuroff, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center are anti-Semitic because they cause displeasure to Jews all over the world. Therefore, the Latvian National Front appeals to Latvia's Security Police and the Constitution Protection Bureau to find out whether Streips' screaming and Simon Wiesenthal Center's anti-Semitism is profitable to dishonest Jews.

Aivars Garda

Chairman of the Latvian National Front


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