Estonia as study of red tape

  • 2004-10-27
  • Baltic News Service
TALLINN - Finance Minister Taavi Veskimagi suggested during a meeting of EU finance ministers last week to choose Estonia as a pilot country for surveys on whether bureaucracy acted as an obstacle to the development of business.

At their meeting in Luxembourg, the finance ministers welcomed the idea to continue working out a common methodology for measuring the administrative burden on the private sector, in accordance with a commission proposal, and to apply the methodology already in 2005, the Estonian Finance Ministry said. The methodology should help discover how much time and resource companies have to spend on different bureaucratic procedures, with the purpose of making laws simpler and less costly for the private sector.

Finance ministers gave the green light to launch pilot projects that meet the methodology.

"We stand for making the legislation simpler both on the level of the EU and Estonia in order to make our business environment more attractive and less bureaucratic. I find that Estonia would also be a suitable place for starting a pilot project in case the European Commission is interested in such cooperation," Veskimagi said.