Parts encourages more local takeovers

  • 2004-10-20
  • By The Baltic Times
TALLINN - Prime Minister and leader of Res Publica Juhan Parts encouraged local chapters of the party to forge takeovers of local governments such as the one in Tallinn two weeks ago.

Speaking at a party convention in Rakvere on Saturday, Parts said that Res Publica was not likely to take power in Parnu but that leaders of local chapters should consider taking over municipal power where possible.

Ahti Koo, chairman of the Res Publica faction in the Parnu Council, said Parts' recommendations were not a surprise not that the summer break was over. He added, however, that the nine Res Publica members in the 33-seat Parnu Council would not be able to take over power in the city unless any allies were found.

"If you ask whether we will find anyone, it should not be ruled out. But it is a much more complicated question whether we want to, and we have thoroughly discussed this both in the faction as well as the new board," Koo said.

Two weeks ago Res Publica, which had been in the opposition in the Tallinn City Council, convinced the Reform Party to ditch the Center Party and Edgar Savisaar and form a new coalition on the basis of fiscal responsibility.

If talks about a merger of Reform Party and Res Publica - both right-wing parties - are brought to bear, a unique situation could arise in Parnu, with one part of the party in the coalition and the other in the opposition. This would make it possible to topple the Center Party in the resort city, but Koo said the outlook was only theoretical.

"I don't believe the parties will unite," he said.