Adamkus: any coalition possible

  • 2004-10-13
  • By The Baltic Times
VILNIUS - President Valdas Adamkus said he saw a variety of possibilities for the future government coalition, hinted that he wouldn't object to Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas staying on to lead the next Cabinet.

In an interview with the Kauno Diena daily, Adamkus said that a rainbow coalition uniting left-wing and right-wing was possible.

"Possibilities in politics are unpredictable, sometimes unbelievable and incomprehensible," he said. "I am convinced that there may be such unpredictable situations in Lithuania. Those who are not on speaking terms with each other today and even deny various possibilities may surprise us for some reasons."

Asked whether he would appoint Brazauskas to head the future government, Adamkus said he would appoint the prime minister in order to maintain governmental stability. "If the prime minister has authorization, if he has an opportunity to get a sufficient approval of the Seimas for a stable government, I would certainly make such a decision," the president said.

In the Oct. 10 parliamentary elections, the Labor Party won 22 mandates, the ruling coalition of Social Democrats and Social Liberals 16, the Homeland Union 11, the coalition of impeached president Rolandas Paksas nine, the Liberal and Center Union seven and the Union of Farmers and New Democracy Parties five.

Adamkus has not hidden his disapproval of the Labor Party and its leader, Russian-born Viktor Uspaskich, warning voters to avoid politicians who make promises that cannot be fulfilled.

Uspaskich, for his part, said he wouldn't make a bad prime minister and reiterated that the Labor Party should have the right to occupy the post. Brazauskas said he would consider a coalition with the Laborites, but only if he would get the prime minister's spot.

Most of the single-mandate seats in Lithuania will have a run-off ballot on Oct. 24, which will determine the distribution of forces in the upcoming coalition talks.