Emsis survives no-confidence vote

  • 2004-09-15
  • By The Baltic Times
RIGA 's The government of Prime Minister Indulis Emsis survived a parliamentary vote of no-confidence on Thursday, as a group of leftist MPs failed to back the motion fearing it would lead to an even more nationalist government of New Era.

Forty-five MPs voted to keep the current government coalition of the People's Party, Latvia's First Party and the Greens and Farmers Union, while 32 voted in support of the no-confidence motion.

The vote was called for the leftists National Harmony Party, which said it had grown exasperated with the government's failure to keep its promises in relieving societal tension and addressing the country's most urgent social issues.

After the vote, Emsis expressed confidence that the government was stable and that it would be able to tackle social problems in the upcoming parliamentary session.

"The situation looks good enough now. I don't have to worry because they did not get even one-third of votes," Emsis told the Baltic News Service.

"I think we should stop fearing a minority government and fretting over its stability. Less attention should be paid to debates at the parliament which lead nowhere," the prime minister added.
The ruling coalition has 47 votes in the 100-member Parliament.