Drawing the curtain on new theater season

  • 2004-08-05
  • By Andrei Tuch
TALLINN - With the summer slowly drawing to a close, Estonia's most popular theater group is gearing up for the new season. But before the curtain is officially opened, the troupe of the Tallinn City Theater will present a couple of very special warm up events at the Stage Hole in the courtyard of the medieval theater compound.

"The Greeting" is not your average musical show, although you would not expect one from the company of the finest theater in the land. What actors do best is act, and what they will be doing on Aug. 12 - 14 is impersonating legendary performers in a tribute to the history of classic music.
Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Vladimir Vysotski, Tina Turner and Marilyn Monroe will be there to celebrate the beginning of the new season, as well as a host of other famous faces - all City Theater actors in disguise.
Music is an art, and good music is good regardless of genre. That is why on Aug. 15, the same stage will be taken over by Led R, originally a Zeppelin cover band featuring celebrity musicians. "Children of the Invisible Sun" is a proper live-and-kicking rock concert designed to prove that there are still genuine artists out there making beautiful music together. Directed by Jaanus Rohumaa and featuring Rain Simmul, two of the City Theater's finest, it should certainly be an experience to remember. o

Tallinn City Theater season opening weekend
Aug. 12,13,14 -
"The Greeting"
Aug 15 -
"Children of the Invisible Sun"
Tickets 100 kroons (6.4 euros) and 150 kroons respectively
See www.linnateater.ee for more details