Singing revolution

  • 2004-07-15
During the last six days a neighboring family and we had the unique experience of being able to interact with a choir group from Estonia and Riga. Both were in our town for the International Choir Festival.

Specifically, our neighbors and our family hosted six members of the Riga Girls Choir: Zane Eglite, Agnese Pore, Laura Svekre, Egija Roza, Lelde Ilzina and Laura Eistreike. These young ladies touched the hearts of all of us and everyone they were introduced to. They are not only great singers but outstanding people. They left our families, and especially our fourteen-year-old daughter, with fond and loving memories that will last a lifetime. The country of Latvia, the city of Riga and especially the young ladies parents should be very proud of these young people. It is contact between countries by individuals like this that will make this world a better place for all of us. We sincerely hope that we can stay in contact with these young ladies and someday be able to meet the parents of such fine young people.

Gary E. Ball, Pocatello, Idaho


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