Biggest bootleg distillery ever found

  • 2004-07-08
  • By The Baltic Times
TALLINN – Police reported that they have uncovered what could be the country's largest underground distillery in the Johvi district of the East-Viru County.

Prosecutor Aivar Lembit said police seized more than eight tons of mash on July 9 in a village farm.
"The man of the household, Andrei, 38 years of age, said he was alone in the bootleg business and had no accomplices," Lembit told the Baltic News Service. The suspect stored the mash in a 42,200 liter vat in a large outhouse, the vat taking up two floors in the building. The apparatus, police said, resembled a giant steam juicer and had to be dismantled.
"The household had been acquired two years ago and was registered in Andrei's mother's name. The man said the idea of making bootleg had struck him only three month ago, but it cannot be ruled out the farm had been specially bought to set up a bootleg distillery there," Lembit said.
He said no ready-made moonshine had been uncovered, only mash.
"This Andrei had dug a large pit in the ground where he had dumped what was believed to be distilling waste," Lembit said.
He said the culprit had no earlier conviction, so police would not hold him during the pre-trial investigation.
Last year the police discovered an illegal alcohol distillery in the Prangi village in the country of Polva where they confiscated 2.6 tons of mash.