Out & Lost

  • 2004-07-08
Congratulations to everybody at The Baltic Times for turning a third-rate newspaper into a second-rate newspaper. Much more of this, and I'll have to stop stealing my copies from the Vilnius Radisson and start paying for them.

Anyway, as it looks like the rain isn't going to stop this summer, and there's nothing else to do, I thought I'd point out a couple of editorial mistakes in your June 17 - 30 edition, both of them Lithuania-related and both in the Out & About section. First, your balderdash on Visaginas dates the town as late-Khrushchev. Very late indeed I'd say, as poor Mr. Khrushchev had been pushing up the daisies for 11 years before the town's foundation stone was even laid. Second, unless the riverside restaurant you somehow overlooked in your short feature on Belmontas revolves like the one in the Television Tower, you'll find that Belmontas is permanently located in the eastern half of Vilnius, not the west as your writer writes.
Keep up the good work. You're all we've got.

Riley James, Vilnius


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