Klimavicius: Office raids lead nowhere

  • 2004-06-17
  • By The Baltic Times
VILNIUS – Prosecutor General Antanas Klimavicius has stated that prosecutors uncovered no attempts by the Special Investigation Service to influence the outcome of the presidential election when it raided the offices of several parliamentary parties last week.

A report signed by Klimavicius and delivered to acting President Arturas Paulauskas and acting Parliamentary Chairman Ceslovas Jursenas on Friday suggested that the searches and seizure of the parties' financial documents did not aim to affect the political situation, the Baltic News Service reported.
The prosecutor's office investigated the SIS' move after being instructed by the State Defense Council, which had held an extraordinary meeting last Wednesday to address the series of raids.
The prosecutor's report suggested the seizure of documents was conducted legally and on the basis a court order.
"The investigation is impartial. There is no data about concerned persons attempting to influence the investigation. No facts of political influence have been detected," the prosecutor's report reads.
Acting President Arturas Paulauskas dismissed the investigation as "shallow."
"This is an absolutely shallow investigation without in-depth analysis," he told journalists on Friday.
For its part, the SIS explained the raids as a necessary part of an investigation into corruption involving five MPs.
Considering the high interest in the investigation, the prosecutor general has commissioned its Organized Crime and Corruption Department to proceed with the probe, a move that Paulauskas applauded.
"I believe this is a good attitude, as the case is rather serious and prosecutors should assume responsibility after all the havoc it has caused," said the acting president.