Run to the border

  • 2004-06-03
The Baltic Times has to be congratulated on highlighting the tourism potential across two local borders. The Valga/Valka phenomenon is unique in Europe and yet is sadly ignored as such.

A border walk there is an eerie attraction but an attraction nonetheless. Within a few hundred yards on both sides are museums and churches worth seeing, and on the Valga side there is a remarkably good Korean restaurant. Even with the current lack of accommodation, tourists should be encouraged to spend a few hours there.
Ivangorod could save itself economically if it admitted tourists without visas. You quote the deputy mayor as saying that there are no economic benefits from being Narva's neighbor. Has he never considered the money he could make from his castle if tourists were actually able to visit it, rather than just taking pictures of it from Narva? Daytrippers to East Berlin in the 1980s proved that if common sense is put before ideology, a lot of money can be made. Why does Ivangorod not rise to the challenge now?
Neil Taylor
Director Regent Holidays

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