Days and knights of fun

  • 2004-06-03
  • By TBT staff
RIGA - The picturesque town of Cesis in northeast Latvia will be holding its fourth Baltic Medieval Festival on June 12 - 13 in the grounds of Cesis Castle.

More than 300 brave knights, noble court ladies, stately dancers and jesters will be coming together to recreate the Middle Ages. The festival is a two-day celebration of Cesis' medieval origins, and enables the public to really get into the swing of things. Not only will there be some medieval boogy to which dancers can shake their medieval booties, but medieval grub after working up a medieval style appetite. Livoniesi, a troupe that specializes in staging medieval battles, will wow the crowds with authentic military reenactments. But a huge number of enthusiasts will be contributing to the festival, including Rati, the traveling medieval theater troupe, Auli, the drum and bagpipe music group, Krivicu, the Belarusian handicraft studio, the folk bands Vilki and Vilkaci, Saltatriculi, the Estonian medieval dance group and many more besides. Weather permitting, this should make a great family day out.