Love factually

  • 2004-05-20
The most sexually explicit mainstream British film ever made has debuted at Cannes. Michael Winterbottom's "Nine Songs" contains unsimulated close-ups of fellatio, cunnilingus and ejaculation.

The film is a love story that follows the story of Matt and his American girlfriend in London. The sex scenes take up more than half the film and are intercut with scenes of bands playing live music. Winterbottom is one of the most respected names in British cinema, with films such as "Wonderland," "Welcome to Sarajevo" and "Jude" to his credit. The film hasn't yet been given a certificate, though Winterbottom is hopeful there won't be any problems with the increasingly liberal British Film Institute.

From the Savior to a swinger, Jim Caviezel's latest film is certainly a change. In "Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius" Caviezel plays the eponymous golfing legend who was almost as well-known for his notorious temper as for his handiness with an iron. The movie had a poor opening in the U.S.A in April, but Caviezel hopes it will do much better when it opens in Europe.