Author deleted

  • 2003-12-18
In all of the other Out & About articles on your website the authors credit themselves on the articles they write. However, in your recent article about [rap artist] Delete ("Just too bad to be true" TBT #387), it seems that the author was too embarrassed or scared to leave his or her name.

It's unfortunate that the author is uneducated, and truly has never heard of Delete's music, because Riga and the rest of Latvia (and soon the world) will know that Delete is the new wave of Hip Hop music that is taking over the rap scene.
In the future you should have the author leave their name and email, so proper feedback can be sent to them. Otherwise, you should not have misinformed, knowledge-lacking and one-sided ignorant people leave feedback in subject areas where they have no idea what they are talking about.
A Delete fan


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