Visa free-for-all - a rebuttal

  • 2004-05-06
As expected, immigrant romanticists, stuck in a 19th century love-affair with a past supposedly etched in stone, misrepresented my letter which appeared in The Baltic Times a few weeks back (#403).

Let's discuss some facts: Each year America allows 1.2 million immigrants to come into the country (more than almost all countries on the planet combined); there are at best count 1 million or so illegal immigrants who cross the border in 10 month cycles (not including anchor babies); U.S. consulates issue about 20 million visas every year; approximately 1 million foreign students (from what we know) are in the country on visas (compare that to Germany, which has about 60,000); there are roughly 25 different types of work visas for foreigners; around 3 million illegal immigrants are currently overstaying their visas; 400,000 people have been cited for deportation, but (surprise!) no one knows where they are; 80,000 of those are known felons wanted for serious offences.
Do the math. Between 1990 and 2000 the U.S. population - the fastest growing in the industrial world - grew by more than 30 million people. California alone increased by 5 million, yet the native birth rate was only 90,000, which means the increase was totally driven by legal and illegal immigration. In my lifetime the population will double, and that's astounding as I am far from retirement age. By the middle of this century we will be at 400 million plus, and that will double again by 2090. Let's put two states into perspective: the California population in 1850 was around 11,000 - today it's 38 million, Florida has grown by more than 600 percent since the 1940s and is now almost 20 million.
Between 1925 and 1965 immigration quotas allowed only 250,000 or so immigrants each year, and I don't remember any national calamities with respect to work getting done, or the "jobs Americans won't do" mantra. Fifty years ago Americans knew who they were, unlike the hyphenated by-products today that swim in a trough of phony, multicultural mush. Americans waited on their tables, washed their clothes, minded their kids, mowed their lawns, packed their chicken, cropped their tobacco and got by just fine.
In 1965 Senator Kennedy, a virtual one man nation wrecking crew, decided to change the balance with his disastrous immigration bill, and the result has been an almost five-fold increase every year for the past 40 years, with the overwhelming majority coming from Third World countries. It's funny, liberals fret over environmental decay but seem to have no trouble with more energy consumed, more sprawl, more overcrowding, and more landfills due to increased waste from, yes, more people. And despite the lecturing from my critics, polls have consistently shown 70 percent to 80 percent of Americans favor less immigration.
I never wrote in my letter that we should put up a fortress, not welcome visitors or keep people out that have legitimate business in the States. But I stand by my assertion that U.S. consulates issue far too many visas, and the high immigration rates are simply no longer justified with heavy unemployment among natives and limited resources at our disposal. If my doctor tells me to go on a diet, does that mean I'm anti-food? Moderately controlled immigration back to pre-1965 levels and a more secure, selective visa process is something we can simply no longer avoid. Deal with it, or stand by and watch the rot continue.


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