New Unity MPs propose hiding alcohol from shoppers' eyes

  • 2024-05-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - New Unity MPs propose to hide alcohol from shoppers' eyes in shops.

The proposal of MPs Ingrida Circene, Zane Skujina-Rubene and Gatis Liepins to amend the Law on Circulation of Alcoholic Beverages stipulates that alcoholic beverages shall be displayed in a separate self-service area of the sales hall or, if the retail sale of alcoholic beverages is organized by serving each customer individually, it is prohibited to display alcohol in a way that customers can see the beverages and their trademarks.

In order to ensure that customers are informed of the availability and prices of alcohol, an information leaflet indicating the name of the product, its price and the quantity per unit of packaging should be made available at the point of sale upon request.

The proposal provides that the separate self-service area of the sales outlet is to be used only for alcohol and for goods related to alcoholic beverages, such as beverage container openers, beverage containers.

The New Unity MPs would like alcoholic beverages and their trademarks to be placed in the separate self-service area of the sales hall in such a way that they are not visible to visitors of the shop from the rest of the sales hall.

As reported, the Saeima recently approved in second reading amendments to significantly restrict the availability of alcohol.