New U.S. Army troops and equipment arrive in Lithuania

  • 2015-10-28

More than 60 units of military equipment from the United States’ arrived in Lithuania on October 28, 2015.

The equipment includes 13 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles - 11 combat versions and two command armored vehicles.

"The equipment is already being unloaded at the Gaiziunai railway station," a Lithuanian Army public relations officer told BNS.

The equipment will subsequently be taken to Rukla.

Five M1A2 Abrams arrived in Lithuania at the end of last week.

All equipment will be used for a joint Lithuanian-US exercise.

Last week, a new shift of around 230 U.S. troops arrived in Lithuania for a training with a unit of logistics support specialists.

The U.S. has been rotating a company of troops in each of the Baltic states and Poland since spring 2014.

Great Britain has also pledged to send rotation troops – a company for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.