New buffet menu onboard Tallink Grupp’s vessels boasts with splash of colour and spice from exciting street food flavours

  • 2023-04-12

TALLINN - Ahead of the upcoming spring and summer travel season, Tallink Grupp has launched a new onboard buffet menu, available onboard all the company’s Tallink and Silja Line vessels from today, Wednesday, 12 April 2023. The new buffet menu, featuring altogether nearly 150 different menu items, offers a wide selection of delightful mouth-watering options to choose from and to satisfy every palate of travelling foodies, from Scandinavian classics to Asian flavours and more. 

The ever-popular onboard restaurant Grande Buffet menu is traditionally renewed once a year in spring. To provide seasonal freshness, the new menu features theme tables that change throughout the year. Opening the spring and summer peak travel season, the exciting Street Food theme table invites food enthusiasts to discover a variety of popular street food favourites from all around the world, such as sushi, tacos and paella.

Naturally, the buffet menu includes a wide array of seafood, various fish and meat dishes, plenty of salads, vegetable and vegan dishes, a rich selection of breads with various spreads and, to finish a nice meal, a cheese assortment. Also, included is a separate kids menu and all the sweet-lovers onboard will be delighted to find a wide variety of desserts complete with an ice-cream bar.

Although the theme tables are exclusively part of the Grande Buffet restaurant menu, offered onboard the company’s cruise vessels, this time, to the delight of the customers travelling onboard the company’s shuttle vessels operating between Tallinn and Helsinki, sushi from the theme table menu is also available to them in the Delight Buffet restaurants.

According to Tallink Grupp’s Creative Head Chef, Joonas Maunula, inspiration for the new menu comes from cuisines around the world, more focus is given to vegetable-based and vegan dishes and locally sourced raw ingredients.

Commenting on the launch of the new onboard buffet menu, Joonas Maunula, Creative Chef of Tallink Grupp said:

- „We wish to offer our dear guests new and exciting tastes from around the world, while we also consider it important to keep our local favourites and Baltic Sea culinary traditions in high esteem“.

- „Street food, by its definition, is very well suited to complement the enjoyment of a sea voyage undertaken with the entire family, because everyone –adults, kids, the young and old, can assemble their favourites exactly how they like them according to their preferences, be it a taco or bao-bun.“

When creating a new menu, the key challenge is to secure the ultimate freshness of the raw ingredients. When creating new recipes, the company considers it especially important to source the raw ingredients locally, as much as possible.

- „Whenever possible, we use local suppliers. Most of the herrings and Baltic Herring, for example, comes from the South-Western part of Finland, smoked cheese comes from Estonia, vegetables are from Sweden, Finland and Estonia,“ Maunula explains. 

- „While making the most of local and sustainably sourced raw ingredients, we are making every effort to cut food waste by, for example, offering more individual serving size portions as part of our buffet menu display. This way, the food waste is minimised, yet the food is presented in a pleasing and contemporary way to the guests.“ Maunula adds.

- „The new buffet menu, offered in our vessels’ buffet restaurants, is versatile, flavourful and highlighting fresh and seasonal local produce, offering our guests a wide selection of foods to enjoy, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences. Therefore, I welcome every food enthusiast  on board our vessels, with a :“Bon Appetite!” and wishing everyone many enjoyable culinary journeys on board our vessels!” Maunula says.

Come and explore the exciting street food flavours in all Tallink Grupp vessels’ buffet restaurants  Grande Buffet and Delight Buffet, starting from 12 April 2023. Book a sea voyage and buffet meal from the company’s website: