Nestor: Estonia is strong if we believe in it

  • 2019-02-24
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonia is a strong country if we believe in it, speaker of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor said at the flag hoisting ceremony in the Governor's Garden at Toompea that kicked off the celebrations of the country's Independence Day on Sunday.

"Today, our free country turns 101. This 101 is in itself a jolly nice number, but today we can also be happy that exactly 30 years ago on February 24, the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, the flag returned on top of the Tall Hermann tower. And it is here to stay," Nestor said.

"Estonia is a strong country if we believe in it. We need to believe like the thousands of singers, dancers and audience members who will touch us with their art during the anniversary Song Celebration this summer. Or like the participants of the ESTO festival who will travel here this year from every corner of our beloved round planet Earth," the speaker of the parliament said.

"They know that the Republic of Estonia is not a fragment from their granny’s memories or a fairy tale from childhood, but a place that cherishes and appreciates them. And if some of them have not found the time to visit their Estonian home for many years, we should not be surprised if they are sincerely happy about what they see. They believe in Estonia," Nestor said.

"But also believe in Estonia like the boys and girls who have come here this morning with their moms and dads to hoist the flag and sing the anthem. And believe in Estonia like those grannies and grandpas who are struggling to sing the anthem together with their grandchildren because they are getting teary-eyed and their voice cracks with emotion. Singing might not work, but the heart is brimming over with joy, because you see that your life has had a purpose. It is impossible to give your children anything more than freedom," he said.

"Believe in Estonia that is full of laughter and consideration of others. Understanding and creation. Freedom and respectful language. Care and determination. The thrill of Christmas and the excitement of Midsummer Night. Which unfortunately includes sad memories, but also merry expectations. The fun of doing things together, and love. Where we hear the beautiful sound of the Estonian language and where everyone feels at home. Believe in Estonia where everyone can be who they want to be. A free human being in a free country," the speaker said. "I wish you happy homes filled with joy."