NATO dismisses Kremlin claims of being a security threat to Russia

  • 2016-01-05

NATO refuses the Kremlin's claim that its stationing of troops and deployment of heavy weaponry in Eastern Europe is a threat to the Russian Federation’s security. 

The claim was made in Russia’s 2016 security doctrine, which was signed by its president, Vladimir Putin, on December 31 2015.

On January 5 2015, NATO spokesperson, Oana Lungescu, said the organisation is still examining the document.

However, she refutes any claim that NATO and its policies present any threat to the Russian Federation. 

"We categorically reject totally unfounded claims that NATO and its policies constitute a security threat to Moscow," she said. 

Russia’s 2016 security doctrine accuses NATO of violating international law by moving its military infrastructure closer to Russia's borders.

December 2015 saw NATO invite Montenegro for accession talks to become its 29th member. 

Lungescu said "NATO's enlargement is not directed against anyone" and that each sovereign nation "has the right to choose for itself whether it joins any treaty or alliance."