National films dominated in Lithuanian cinemas in 2019

  • 2020-01-23
  • TBT Staff

The Lithuanian Film Centre reveals local box office results of 2019. With three national films making it to Top 10 most popular films, Lithuanian cinema lovers are sending a strong message: they are big fans of national production and are waiting for more.

In total 23 Lithuanian films (2 more than in 2018) were released in 2019. National production accounted for 19.64% of the whole market (27.9% in 2018), while European films represented a market share of 15.77% (11.8% in 2018) and US production – 60.88% (58.7% in 2018). The productivity of national filmmakers remained stable with 52 new films of various lengths and genres were created (17 features and 16 documentaries) last year. The total number of admissions was 4 m. with the total revenue from tickets reaching EUR 22.5 m.

Lithuanian comedy Pats sau milijonierius by Tadas Vidmantas became the most popular film in 2019. The film, which was released in October, attracted 204,860 filmgoers leaving Todd Phillips‘ Joker with 155,986 filmgoers in the second place.

Two other Lithuanian films made it to the Top Ten: Donatas Ulvydas’ comedy Ir visi jų vyrai in fifth place with 120,707 viewers, and Ramūnas Rudokas’ criminal drama Pasmerkti. Kauno romanas in ninth place with 88,763 viewers.

Notably, 2019 was not only productive but also successful for director Donatas Ulvydas, who released two films. With 40,040 views, his Valstybės paslaptis about former president Dalia Grybauskaitė became the most popular documentary in Lithuania last year.

Last year was also successful for arthouse filmmakers. Raimundas Banionis’ drama The Purple Fog saw 33 038 viewers, Marija Kavtaradzę’s film Summer Survivors - 26 328, and Ernestas Jankauskas’ Sasha was Here - 22 413.

A total of 379 films were screened Lithuanian cinemas in 2019.