Narva Alexander's Cathedral now exempt from auction

  • 2015-07-28
  • From wire reports and TBT staff, TALLINN

The cathedral and other properties belonging to the the bankrupt Alexander Congragation in Narva, have been temporarily saved from auction. 

At the end of June 2015, the estate’s trustee in the Bankruptcy Committee decided to auction several properties owned by the bankrupt congregation. 

The assets put on sale as a result of the decision, do not include the properties and movable objects, which Estonia’s Interior Minister requested to be excluded from the bankrupt estate.

Exempt from auction are the Narva Alexander's Cathedral, the Sininomme and Vaivara cemeteries, plus transportable cultural objects needed by the congregation for its religious activities. 

The Interior Minister's proposal was backed by the Minister of Culture.

The following decisions concerning the bankrupt estate will be taken following the auction of the properties currently on sale.

The Narva Alexander's Cathedral was declared bankrupt in April 2014. Its small congregation was unable to meet the financial obligations related to the restoration of the church building.

The bankruptcy petition was filed by the building company Eviko, which claimed two million euros in unpaid construction works. 

The Estonian Government has spent more than two million euros to help restore the Cathedral in the now mostly Russian populated border city. 

One million euros of the total was provided via a regional competitiveness initiated by the Enterprise Estonia foundation.