Naming contest announced for Rail Baltic's Parnu passenger terminal

  • 2022-04-19
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Rail Baltic Estonia and the Parnu city government on Tuesday announced a competition for the name of the Parnu international passenger terminal of Rail Baltic.

Entries can be submitted until May 15, Rail Baltic Estonia said in a press release.

The naming competition takes place in two stages. In the first stage, which lasts until May 15, everyone can submit a name proposal for the terminal, among which the jury, in cooperation with a committee convened by the Parnu city government, will shortlist five names for a popular vote. The winning name of the Rail Baltic Parnu passenger terminal naming competition will be announced based on the outcome of the popular vote in the second half of June.

"In addition to the fact that Rail Baltic will connect us with our southern neighbors in the future, the railway will also put the city of Parnu on the map much stronger. Thanks to the railway connection, Parnu will strengthen its position as a regional hub, while also gaining an international railway connection with Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw," said Anvar Salomets, CEO of Rail Baltic Estonia.

Mayor of Parnu Romek Kosenkranius meanwhile described the naming contest as a great opportunity to contribute to the mega project of the century and wished everyone taking part in the contest a bold flight of fantasy.

In 2014, an entry named "Water Strider," by Pluss OU architects, won the terminal's architectural design competition. The authors of the work are Indrek Allmann, Jaan Jagomagi, Gunnar Kurusk, Tanno Tammesson and Holden Vides. The panel of judges highlighted the winning work's exterior design, which is striking and unmistakably related to railway architecture, as well as good functionality that ensures passenger comfort even in bad weather conditions.

The terminal building to be located in the Papiniidu area of Parnu will stand above the platform and will be joined with galleries. A waiting lounge with 90 seats as well as a cafe, information points and other premises bearing necessary functions have been planned inside the building. The construction tender will presumably be announced in 2023.

When it comes to the name, it must be in the Estonian language. Preference should be given to a name that is known and common in the locality or has a historical or cultural significance. Place names related to the locality or names specific to the object to be named will be also preferred. The place name must not be a number or any other non-verbal sign. According to the Place Names Act, the name of a person must not be used as a commemorative name during the lifetime of that person.

The prize for the winner is 1,000 euros, with the runner-up getting 500 euros and the entry finishing in third place 250 euros.