MPs from 14 countries call for continuous supply of weapons to Ukraine

  • 2022-03-21
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – MPs from 14 nations have called on their countries' leaders to ensure a continuous supply of weapons to Ukraine, which is facing Russia's military aggression.

"We believe the Ukrainian Armed Forces must have the capability to defend the people of Ukraine against a war of aggression," the MPs said in a joint statement issued during the Kalinowski Forum in Vilnius on Monday.

"That includes protecting its airspace and stopping armored moves across the ground. This can be done with the supply of anti-armor and anti-air weapons that should be resupplied immediately," they said. 

The statement also calls for humanitarian aid for Ukrainians and the protection of Ukraine's nuclear facilities.

"We believe the Ukrainian nuclear sites require special consideration. The power plants and waste storage areas are a threat to all neighboring states," the MPs said. 

The statement was signed, among others, by the heads or members of parliamentary foreign affairs committees of the United States, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, and the vice-marshal of the Polish Senate.