Moscow condemns alleged repression by Baltic states against Russian-speaking population

  • 2023-04-19
  • BNS/TBT Staff

MOSCOW - The Russian State Duma adopted a statement on Tuesday condemning what it calls a "repressive" policy of the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian governments against the Russian-speaking population.

These countries "have embarked on a criminal course of total displacement of the Russian language from all social spheres, mass media and education system," the statement reads.

"The authorities of the Baltic states do not conceal their neo-fascist affiliations supporting annual marches of SS legions and also banning the Immortal Regiment rally meant to honor the veterans who liberated the Baltics from the Nazis," it says.

Members of the State Duma unanimously demanded that "the Baltic states and the Russophobic Western countries comply with the principles of international law and put an end to the infringement of the fundamental rights of the Russian-speaking population."