Meeting of Nordic Council of Ministers for Digitalization focusing on cyber security

  • 2022-09-06
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Kristjan Jarvan is participating in a meeting of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Digitalization on Tuesday, the focus of which will be on cooperation between countries to promote cyber security.

"The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have brought cyber security to the center of international debate. At the same time, the influence and scope of organized cyber crime, which knows no national borders, is growing rapidly globally. In order to build cyber resilience, sharing experiences and best practices is extremely important," Jarvan said.

The minister pointed out that the high level of digitalization of the Nordic and Baltic countries is being cited as an example throughout Europe. Already today, active cooperation between countries is taking place and opportunities are being sought to promote the adoption of cross-border digital services.

"People expect more and more public services to be available digitally. This means access independent of location and time of day, less bureaucracy and more efficient use of resources. Estonia is one of the most advanced digital societies in the world, and we have the knowledge and skills to implement the digital transition in various fields. Estonian experiences are highly valued across borders and we are happy to share them," Jarvan said.

The war in Ukraine has shown that cyber security is one of the cornerstones of national security. In addition to physical warfare, active combat is increasingly taking place in cyberspace.

"Cyber security is not an area in which to look for ways to save. Continued investment and learning from international examples are key to securing the cyberspace. This message was also clearly heard at the meeting of the digital ministers of the Nordic countries," the minister said.

He noted that the global cyber threat picture is causing concern and the bad guys are becoming more cunning and attacks more complex. "Maintaining and raising the level of cyber security is a challenge, but Estonia is ready for it," the minister affirmed, adding that finding funds for the field of cyber security must be a priority at the national level.

Jarvan said that identifying and mitigating cyber risks is significantly more cost-effective than dealing with the consequences. "Of course, state investments are one thing, but all the ministers who participated in the meeting emphasized that the foundation of cyber security is laid by the cyber hygiene of each individual. It is important that every person and entrepreneur perceive the responsibility, because the security of cyber space depends on the joint contribution of all of us," the minister added.