Measures to improve the e-health system should be developed immediately

  • 2017-02-14
  • BNS/TBT Staff

RIGA - Operations of the e-health system can be continued, but immediately a plan of measures for improvement of the system should be developed, said Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry’s representative Laura Jansone.

The ministry has tested a functionality of the e-health system and concluded that most of the information systems and e-services planned for the project are available for users. The services available include e-prescriptions, sick leave certificates, e-bookings, assignments to specialists, vaccination systems, registers of patients, health monitoring system, services to professionals and 11 out of 16 e-services available for patients.

The ministry underscored that the system will be fully functional only when information systems of all health institutions and pharmacies are integrated into the system, but their adaptation is not financed by the project.

In relation to some functionalities and e-services available to users, there have been some deviations from the set requirements. Therefore the ministry underscored that operations of the e-health system can be continued, but immediately a plan for improvement of the system should be developed.

The ministry had to complete testing of the e-health system’s functionality by February 10, but several of the e-services had not been available by this date.

The Health Ministry reported that when developing the functionality of the e-health system, it has been taken into consideration that the system should be actively used every day. Health minister’s aide Ilze Abolina noted that the work on the improvement of the system is ongoing, and cooperation with healthcare institutions and pharmacies is promoted so that they would actively use the e-health system.

As reported, the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry, by February 10 had to test a functionality of the remaining 25 percent of the e-health system. The ministry has been testing whether the system if functional and whether it is accessible for users.

The Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry has found a number of shortcomings in the e-health system's functionality and offered the National Health Service 28 recommendations to improve the system's functionality, accessibility, and user-friendliness.