March 2023 had most precipitation in last 15 years

  • 2023-04-06
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - March 2023 had the most precipitation in the last 15 years, the Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center informed LETA.

The total amount of precipitation in Latvia this past March was 59.6 millimeters (mm), which is 62 percent above the norm (36.9 mm).

March 2023 was the wettest March in the last 15 years and the seventh wettest March in the history of meteorological observations since 1924.

Madona had the most precipitation, 93.4 mm, while Jelgava had the least precipitation, 29.1 mm.

On the average, there were 13.9 days with at least 1 mm of precipitation in Latvia in March 2023. Most such days were registered in Pavilosta - 18 days.

The average temperature in Latvia this past March was plus 1.6 degrees, which is 1.4 degrees above the norm.

In total, 16 new maximum temperature records and two minimum temperature records were set in March.