Lithuanian PM to discuss strengthening border protection with Russia in Klaipeda

  • 2024-05-03
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte will visit Klaipeda on Friday to discuss strengthening the protection of the state border with Russia.

According to a press release, the head of the government will visit the units of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS), including the Coast Guard Frontier District, which was re-established earlier this year.

She will be briefed on the technical measures used by the SBGS as well as on the implementation of the border protection reinforcement works.

In addition, Simonyte will enquire about ensuring the security of strategic objects.

According to the Interior Ministry, the entire border with Russia is currently controlled by surveillance systems, including areas where there is no physical barrier.

It is guarded by two SBGS units: the Pagegiai Frontier District and the Coast Guard Frontier District.

Additional 30 posts of video surveillance system operators have been created this year in order to reinforce the staff capacity for border surveillance.

In addition, a fleet of engineering equipment is planned to be installed in this border area to stop possible enemy movements.

Also, competent authorities continue the repair and installation of a patrol path, plan to upgrade the border surveillance systems, continue the development of drone and anti-drone equipment, and seek to strengthen the border guards' interaction with the Lithuanian army, including through joint training exercises.

Lithuania shares a 297-kilometer border with Russia's Kaliningrad Region.