Lithuanian MPs call for criminalisation of former Lithuanian Communist Party

  • 2015-11-24

A group of Lithuanian MPs have proposed declaring the former Soviet Union's Communist Party and the Lithuanian Communist Party criminal organisations, and perpetrators of genocide against the Lithuanian nation.

The draft parliamentary resolution has been registered by MPs Audronius Azubalis, Valentinas Stundys, Arvydas Anusauskas, and Arvydas Vidziunas of the conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats.

Liberal MP Dalia Kuodyte and Pobilas Urbsys, a member of the Seimas non-attached political group, also signed the draft resolution. 

The MPs believe that recognising the CPSU and the CPLSSR (Communist Party of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic) as criminal organisations is fundamental in stepping up solidarity in the Lithuanian state's political and public life. 

It is, therefore, proposed to declare that "the Soviet Communist Party and its branch in Lithuania, the Lithuanian Communist Party, was a criminal organisation, the organiser and executor of the genocide of Lithuania's people, and responsible for the annihilation and deportation of Lithuania's residents, as well as being the organisation responsible for other repressions."

The resolution also states that the CPLSSR played a major role by collaborating with the USSR on the annexation of Lithuania in 1940, and acted in support of the USSR during its occupation of Lithuanian between 1940-1991.

The draft bill also states the CPLSSR worked against restoring Lithuania’s independence.