Lithuanian MoD: "highly probable" Kremlin behind recent cyber attack

  • 2015-06-12
  • George East, VILNIUS

The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence believes the recent cyber attack on its website is “highly probably” evidence of the Kremlin’s information war on the country. 

On the evening of June 10, 2015, a false statement appeared on the MoD’s website, which read one of the aims of the 2015 Saber Strike joint military exercises between NATO troops and their allies, is to annex Kaliningrad; a Russian region located between Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic Sea. 

Speaking to the Baltic Times, a spokesman from the MoD announced they believe the false statement was evidence of the Kremlin’s information war, which is intended to destabilise Lithuania via misinformation. 

“It is highly probably [believe the statement is evidence of information or hybrid warfare from the Kremlin], he told the Baltic Times. “The objectives of Saber Strike presented in the hackers’ article are the opposite of the exercises’ actual objectives. 

“The information was created to compromise the overall idea of the exercise.  

“That, then, creates an opportunity for future quoting of an “official source” so as to further escalate their contrived ideas or justify their action.”

The spokesperson also revealed during joint military drills held between Georgia and the United States on May 22 to 25, Georgia’s internet experienced a number of cyber attacks aimed at destabilising Georgian financial institutions. 

“And here comes a cyber-attack on the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence’s website amidst military exercises, which include the Lithuanian army. 

“While Lithuania and Georgia are not neighbouring countries, there is a consistent pattern taking place.”  

The false statement was promptly removed by specialists from Lithuania’s Cyber Security Centre.