Lithuanian energy minister blames interpellation initiative on predecessors' 'inaction'

  • 2022-09-13
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuanian Energy Minister Dainius Kreivys said on Tuesday that an interpellation procedure that the opposition Social Democrats are launching against him is the result of failure by the two previous governments to develop electricity generation capacity. 

"Since 2010, we have done nothing to build the necessary generation capacity. This is why today we have a situation where 80 percent of all electricity is imported from Europe and this is why we have these horrendous prices, because electricity prices depend on gas prices, and have only been left with gas-fired generation," the minister told reporters. 

"We can see what was done during the (last) decade when we had two governments. The interpellation procedure that I am facing is the result of that action or inaction," he added. 

The Social Democratic group in the parliament said earlier on Tuesday that they were initiating an interpellation procedure against Kreivys over the electricity market liberalization and the surge in energy prices. 

The group says the minister will be asked questions about a "negligent attitude towards the so-called independent electricity suppliers" and the significant damage to the state caused by the unilateral suspension of operation by Perlas Energija, one of the independent suppliers. 

Under the Statute of the Seimas, at least 29 MPs have to sign an interpellation motion against a member of the Cabinet. Once the minister receives the questions, he or she has two weeks to answer them in writing.

The parliament then sets up a special commission that recommends whether or not to accept the answers. If it proposes not to accept the answers, a confidence vote is held in the Seimas. At least 71 members of the 141-seat parliament must support a no-confidence resolution in a secret ballot for it to be passed.

The Social Democrats have 12 seats in the parliament.