Lithuanian Defence Chief to attend Brussels meeting on hybrid warfare

  • 2015-10-28

Lithuania's Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Jonas Vytautas Zukas, will attend a European Union Military Committee meeting in Brussels on October 28 concerning training and combatting hybrid warfare. 

Other items on the agenda will be EU's marine operations Sophia and Atalanta. - the first one is aimed against illegal migration in the Mediterranean Sea, while the latter fights piracy in the Indian Ocean.

Lithuania has assigned 20 Lithuanian soldiers to Atalanta, with the majority of them serving in an autonomous ship security group. 

Others are in charge of logistics support, with two officers serving as staff on a ship and in operational headquarters.

Lithuania's contribution to Sophia is another officer serving in operational HQ. 

The meeting on the development of EU training and advisory missions will also be attended by chiefs of defence from  EU's partner-countries - Georgia, Montenegro, Moldova, Norway and Serbia.