Lithuanian authorities don't plan to ban TikTok, but advise against using it – official

  • 2023-02-28
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – After some countries have banned TikTok from official devices, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry says it sees no reason for such restrictions for now, but does not recommend using the Chinese-owned video-snippet sharing app. 

"Since the product comes from an area that we consider an unreliable supplier, we recommend not installing it, or if it is installed, simply remove it," Antanas Aleknavicius, head of the ministry's Cybersecurity and IT Policy Group, told reporters on Tuesday.   

TikTok poses risks because it could give Chinese intelligence access to user data, according to Aleknavicius. 

"Data collected by the TikTok app can be used not only by the software manufacturer, but, as far as we know, according to the regulations in force in (...) China, there is also a possibility of the data falling into the hands of their intelligence bodies," the official said. 

"When it comes to cybersecurity threats, we do not have such information on this app. It is more a question of the use of personal data," he added.

It was reported at the end of last week that the European Commission had banned its staff from using TikTok on official devices over data protection concerns. 

The White House on Monday gave federal agencies 30 days to remove the Chinese-owned app from all government-issued devices.

Denmark's parliament has also made such recommendations to MPs and staff members.