Lithuanian, Moldovan defmins agreed to bolster military cooperation

  • 2022-11-22
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuanian Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anusauskas and his Moldovan counterpart Anatolie Nosatii have signed a bilateral agreement on guidelines to strengthen bilateral military cooperation.

"We have to show unity together with Moldova. We support Moldova and we seek proper attention for our Eastern partners. Today, we have signed an agreement and outlined guidelines for further cooperation," Anusauskas told reporters on Tuesday.

"We would like to maintain friendly relations between the institutions. Today, we discussed the ways Lithuania could support the national army (...). We also spoke about Moldova's goals to increase its contribution to international peace and security institutions. We hope that cooperation between Lithuanian and Moldavian institutions will increase in the future," the Moldovan defense minister said.

Under the signed agreement, Lithuania will help the Moldovan Defense Ministry to develop strategic communication and cyber security capabilities and modernize its corps of non-commissioned officers.

"Before the war, in the area of training, we consulted Ukraine on defense reforms, and we can do the same in Moldova. Lithuania will help the Moldovan Ministry of Defense to develop strategic communication and cyber security capabilities, and modernize its corps of non-commissioned officers," Anusauskas said.

Nosatii noted that democracies must remain united in the face of Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Lithuanian and Moldovan defense ministers also discussed the security situation. According to Anusauskas, Lithuania wants NATO to pay due attention to its Eastern partners, and the latter are also encouraged to deepen cooperation, to take advantage of provided opportunities to implement democratic reforms, and to strengthen their military capabilities through the use of EU instruments.

Russia is using military, political, economic and energy means to exert influence in its "imaginary sphere" in the Black Sea region, Anusauskas said.

"I believe that together with Moldova, we need to demonstrate unity, seek security guarantees and support from our allies. We support Moldova and seek the right attention from both the EU and NATO for our Eastern partners. We will deepen our own cooperation to implement democratic reforms and strengthen military capabilities," Anusauskas said.