Lithuania's public sector gets EUR 38 mln in EU funding for electric cars

  • 2023-08-08
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuania's Environmental Project Management Agency has allocated 38 million euros in EU funding for the purchase of electric or hydrogen-powered cars for public sector institutions and bodies.

Applications will be accepted from Tuesday, the EPMA said. 

A payment of 5,000 euros will be granted for each new M1- or N1-class electric or hydrogen-powered car, and 2,500 euros will be paid for a second-hand car up to four years of age. 

There is currently no possibility to pay compensation for vehicles purchased through leasing, but it will be considered, Gvidas Zvironas, director of the EPMA, said in a statement.

"Discussions are currently underway with the European Commission and the Finance Ministry on the possibility of granting compensation for vehicles purchased by leasing, as this is not possible under the current legislation," Darguzas said.

Data from Regitra, Lithuania's state-owned vehicle registration service, show that a total of 9,500 pure M1- and N1-class electric vehicles had been registered in Lithuania by July 1, and 2,200 pure EVs were registered in June alone compared to 2,500 in 2021.