Lithuania’s hidden gem with a surprising abundance of attractions and entertainment – Kupiskis

  • 2023-01-26

Dear Reader,

The Kupiskis district in northeastern Lithuania  is like a sleeping giant warrior, which awakened would erupt with energy, vigor, economic and social potential. Each of you can awaken that giant...

Located on the shore of one of the largest lagoons in Lithuania, Kupiskis always surprises first-timers with a variety of entertainment and attractions. Everyone who comes here will find something – be it entertainment  for families who appreciate peace, or amusement  for people who are craving some extreme sensations. In fact, Kupiskis is open to everyone who wants to establish a business here, provide services, and/or organize various kinds of events. The convenient geographical location of the town sets excellent conditions for the development of the economy, entertainment, tourism, arrival of new large companies to the district. Meanwhile, the constantly developing and improving infrastructure creates exceptional conditions for the development of logistics and transport activities. In a nutshell, Kupiskis is a safe, green and promising city, waiting for ideas and investments by active and entrepreneurial people. Stop by, we are waiting to greet you here!

Dainius Bardauskas, 

Mayor of Kupiskis district municipality

Kupiskis lagoon, "Uosves Liezuvio" dendrological park

The fourth largest artificial water pond in Lithuania, the length of which is 25 km and the occupied area is 828 ha. This is a favourite recreation spot for Kupiskio residents and guests of the region: there are swimming pools, recreation areas, and many different water activities on the shores. Various celebrations, festivals, concerts, sports and fishing competitions take place here every year. The stage of the World Championship of F2 water formula also takes place in Kupiskis Lagoon. The most powerful F2 pilots on the planet compete for the title of world champion in powerboat sports. On the island of Kupiskis lagoon, nicknamed "Uosves liezuvis", located in the Aukstupenai recreation area, there is a dendrological park with dozens of tree species, pedestrian paths (suitable for both runners and cyclists), recreation areas with gazebos in the park area.

Church of the Ascension of Christ

The church is really gigantic – whichever way you drive into the town, the first thing you will see are its red brick towers. The neo-Gothic church was built in 1900-1914 and is one of the largest Catholic churches in Lithuania. To be exact, the third largest church in the country. Historians believe that in the place where the Kupiskis church now stands, there was an ancient Lithuanian cult site or a burial place. While digging holes for the foundations of the church, a square oak box was found with human bones, as well as a rusty sword and ancient coins.

Adomynes manor

It is one of the best-preserved wooden manors in Lithuania, where you will always be warmly welcomed by the lords of the manor, and their maid will introduce you to the manor's architecture and will eagerly tell the life stories of the old owners. Both old and young will find activities in the well-organized and well-maintained manor park: the artistic wood and stone sculptures will remind you of the stories of the manor and its residents, and after kissing on the Kissing Bench in Meiles Alley, you can also receive the blessing of the Pagan Lithuanian’s Goddess of Love, Milda. Of course, you will be treated to meals prepared by the wonderful hostesses of this area: hearty courtly wine and delicious Adomynes "Pagrabines" buns, which boast the Lithuanian national culinary heritage certificate. Children can also have fun in Adomyne – here they can learn to bake buns, play various games, frolic a pontoon raft in the pond, and search for treasures.

Palevene St. Dominic's Church and Dominican Monastery

Palevene St. Dominic's Church and the Dominican Monastery are named as the only examples of late baroque in Aukstaitija, an ethnographic region of Lithuania in the northeast. 

Assessing efforts aiming to revive cultural heritage in 2020, Lithuania’s State Cultural Heritage Commission has singled out the municipality of the Kupiskis  district as the one that has done the most in reviving this pearl of the region. The history of Palevene Monastery begins in 1676, when the first Dominican monks settled here being financially supported by a prominent juror, Laurynas Mykolas Odlanickis. The monastery ensemble consisted of a variety of brick and wooden edifices of various purposes and was surrounded by a high masonry wall. Currently, sacral art and music festivals regularly take place in the Palevene monastery and the church ensemble.

Kupiskis – a sports town

Kupiskis is recognized as the capital of auto sports. In the auto sport complex Uoginiai, located just outside Kupiskis, sport car and motorcycle competitions, like Lithuanian cross-country championships are constantly held. In addition, there is a well-developed infrastructure for other sports: tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, running tracks, a beach soccer field. Notably, a sports and wellness complex is also currently being built in Kupiskis. Its visitors will be able to work out in the gym, do aerobics, swim in the pool, enjoy other water treatments, relax in the sauna area and in the whirlpool.

We invite you to visit Kupiskis and fall in love with it – so charming it is! No matter where you live in the world and what your travel experiences are, Kupiskis is definitely a place you will yearn to return to!