Lingvist – the language learning startup

  • 2022-09-15

Lingvist – the language learning startup 

A new Estonian language course for English speakers is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and Web version of the Lingvist app 

Estonian EdTech startup Lingvist has just published a new, more detailed Estonian language course for English speakers. The course includes more than 3700 of the most frequently used Estonian words and also features Lingvist’s unique AI, which adjusts to each user’s pace and style of learning vocabulary. 

As of September 2022, Lingvist users in Estonia are learning the following languages: 

● 24% are learning English from Estonian 

● 17% were learning Estonian from English (with a previous, shorter version) ● 11% are learning Spanish from English 

● 7% are learning Russian from English 

● 6% are learning German from English 

● 6% are learning Italian from English 

● 6% are learning English from Russian 

● 4% are learning French from Estonian 

● 3% are learning Dutch from English 

● 2% are learning Portuguese from English 

● 2% are learning French from Russian 

● The remaining 12% are split between language pairs which could be considered more exotic to Estonia, such as Chinese to English, Japanese to English, Hindi to English, Dutch to French, and more. 

With this update, Lingvist is hoping to help Estonia’s growing expat community integrate more easily and provide any English speaker interested in learning Estonian with an efficient and entertaining way of doing so. 

To help learners get started with the Estonian course, Lingvist is offering an extended free trial period of one month, using the voucher code EESTI via the website.