Leading producer of ecological cleaning agents Mulieres raised capital for growth and investments

  • 2022-08-26

Mulieres OÜ has raised € 300,000 from their new investor Green Estonia OÜ. With the raised sum, Mulieres plans to strengthen their position in Estonia and increase their market share outside Estonia.

“I believe that bringing in Green Estonia as our new investor is an excellent opportunity to expand our product range and to take substantial steps in strengthening our position outside Estonia. We have entered several new markets, and now it’s time to grow our business,” says Karel Rüütli, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Mulieres OÜ.

Mulieres started off as a family business but has always been a company with a global mindset – besides the domestic market, the company started focusing on the Finnish market already at the very beginning of their activities, resulting as Finland being their current main export destination. “We currently export just over 60% of our products into 13 destination countries, and we are definitely focused on further growth,” Rüütli says.

According to Avo Kivimaa, the Member of the Board of OÜ Green Estonia, Mulieres is a company with high growth potential, as it offers the consumer confidence: ecological products with invariable quality. “We have followed Mulieres since their first days in Funderbeam and have now decided that it is the right time to substantially increase our investments into this exceptional team and these products,” Avo Kivimaa added.

In 2020, Mulieres publicly raised funds through Funderbeam, which still offers an opportunity to trade with the shares of Mulieres. 

Mulieres was established eight years ago and started off as a family company. The company manufactures cleaning agents from natural ingredients, the laundry washes and multi cleaners that are based on skin friendly olive oil. The product range also includes all-natural laundry vinegar, dishwasher tablets, scented candles and soap bars.

The products in the laundry wash and detergents series are all manufactured from natural ingredients, so that when getting into water, they do not cause any harm to water organisms. The products also have an ECOCERT certification which is one of the strictest standards in Europe. The ECOCERT label indicates that the products of Mulieres correspond to the standard of sustainable development, include natural ingredients and are biodegradable. Additionally, most of Mulieres’ products have Vegan certificate, meaning that these are of plant origin, have not been tested on animals and are free of parabens. Mulieres’ unscented laundry wash and multi cleaner are recognised by the Allergy and Asthma Federation of Estonia.  

Product packages of Mulieres are also environment-friendly and produced of recycled cardboard – they are biodegradable or can be recycled. The packages Mulieres uses for liquids contain 70% less plastic than regular plastic packages.