Leader of Estonia 200: We will build a new Estonia

  • 2020-08-02
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Speaking at a vision seminar of Estonia 200 party on Saturday, chair of the party Kristina Kallas said that Estonia 200 will build up a new generation state where young people have future and all citizens feel good to live in.

"The political system has jammed. And not in Estonia alone, but in many societies," Kallas said according to spokespeople for the party. "Democracy is reaching a stalemate where conservatives and liberals are quickly distancing from each other and have no interest in the other's world. We will build up a new Estonian state where our children will want to live and that will be the best place for them to live."

The summer seminar held at Vehendi in Tartu County over the weekend focuses on the municipal elections of 2021 and future activities of the party.

The future topics of the party for next year's local elections are freedom, education and climate. Also, the party argues that the direction taken in Estonia with the administrative reform has to be reversed and the level of decision-making brought closer to communities.

Estonia 200 wishes to focus in towns and cities, as well as in rural municipalities, on all people of Estonia who find it important for life in Estonia to get new momentum and for it to be possible to climb out of stagnation and seemingly endless confrontation. 

Estonia 200, a new political party established in time for the spring 2019 general elections, won no seats in parliament in the polls but has been enjoying ratings safely above the 5 percent election threshold later on.